We Can Help You Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Comprehensive Training and a Team Focus – The Management Program
Fortune combines one-on-one training and coaching for your team. During your coaching relationship, we will cover topics such as:

Session 1: Taking Control: Vision, Economics and the System for Making it All Real

 Life Mastery
 Mastering Your Emotions
 Team Building
 Vision Building
 Ultimate Success Formula

Session II: Communication and Relationships, Making it All Worthwhile

 Communication – how to communicate elegantly – everybody wins
 Reality Bridge
 Styles of Leadership
 The Importance of Rules
 Target Board and Bonus System
 Productive Staff Meetings
 Goal Setting

Session III: Impact Marketing

 Marketing Plan – target marketing
 Becoming a Master Communicator – Case Presentation
 Tools of Influence
 Five Steps of Enrollment
 Correction Format – correcting for results

Session IV: Security to Freedom: Creating your Financial Destiny

 Creating Financial Mastery – making it a reality
 Creating Consistent Results
 Master Secrets of Financial Freedom
 Financial Goal Setting

Step Up to the Next Level - The Coaching Program

Fortune Management’s coaching program is customized to fit the needs and objectives of your practice. Your coach will work as your strategic business consultant to assist you in the implementation of tools and systems to reach your professional and personal goals.

 Annual Business Plan
 Personality profile testing and training
 Hygiene Department Support
 Personalized Human Resource Kit
    And Much, Much More!