Customized Workshops

Fortune designs workshops to assist the dental teams in implementing what they learned at the Training University.  The doctor and coach decide what will be most effective for the team at that time.  Workshops include themes such as:
  • Vision building / office agreements
  • Perfect Day Scheduling
  • Installation, training, review of office monitoring systems
  • Hygiene Department support
  • DISC personality profile testing/training
  • Internal marketing campaign: Creating the WOW experience
  • External marketing guidance
  • Financial policy / financial arrangements
  • Set-up of patient acknowledgment programs

Our Expert Dental Coaches provide timely, useful information with objectivity, accuracy and insights. The result is a great work environment that includes fun, friendship, and team members who are committed to C-A-N-I ® – Constant and Never-ending Improvement – for themselves, their co-workers, and their patients. It is in this spirit that we offer these customized workshops to meet the unique and special needs of each practice.