Hygiene Mastery

Hygiene Mastery is a specialized program for dental practices.  Our team is composed of outstanding, advanced, practicing dental hygienists dedicated to coaching and developing your Hygiene Department into a state of the art health center within your practice.

Finally, the Hygiene Program You've Waited For!

Imagine a hygiene department that runs like a business within your business and provides annual net revenue of $300,000 or more. 

Imagine a hygiene department where quality care and profitability go hand in hand!

Imagine a hygiene department that actively feeds the restorative and aesthetic sides of the practice!

Introducing the Next Generation in Hygiene Education and Training

Hygiene Mastery is a customized training program that combines specialized in-office instructions with personalized telephone consulting and intense monthly monitoring of key productivity indicators. 

This ground-breaking program goes one step further than traditional hygiene consulting programs and gets your entire staff involved with the bottom line -- even if they have never been responsive to support hygiene in the past.

Hygiene Mastery supports the hygienist's key role in disease control and prevention.  Properly designed, your Hygiene Department can positively influence patient decisions regarding the restorative care they need.

We target five major roles of the hygiene team:  healthcare provider, preventative specialist, periodontal therapist, aesthetic hygienist, and business partnership.

Within this framework, we review every system, including recare, reactivation, scheduling, case presentation, treatment acceptance, periodontal therapy, technology integration, and general patient flow.  Your team's confidence will soar as systems are brought on-line.

Let us shatter any myths you may have about building a profitable Hygiene Department! For a complimentary analysis of your Hygiene Department call us today at 1-866-520-0127 or email hygiene@hygienemastery.com. 


For more information on Hygiene Mastery, please visit www.hygienemastery.com