Your online reputation is essential for the success of your dental practice. These days, people will read reviews and information online before selecting a new dentist. As a result, dental practices should adjust to this and be in control of their online image and perception in the eyes of their patients. Whether you are starting a new dental practice or have owned a dental practice for years, your online image can improve continuously. Here’s how dentists can take advantage of their excellent reputation and avoid the pitfalls of a bad reputation.

What is Online Reputation for Dentists?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of controlling or influencing your perception of a business or person. Online reputation management can help improve your online image and presence with customers and prospective customers for dental practices. Online reputation can include proactive strategies like monitoring brand mentions and getting clients to leave reviews and testimonials, as well as reactive strategies like responding to bad reviews or handling a crisis.

As a dentist, your online reputation is important, and the amount of time actually needed to improve the reputation of a brand is worth it.

7 Tips For Dentists to Improve Online Reputation

Here are seven tips on how dental practices can strive to improve their online reputation.

  1. Monitor your reputation online
  2. Respond to negative reviews
  3. Get positive reviews online
  4. Create and promote content
  5. Be active social media
  6. Give back to community
  7. Monitor your Reputation Online

Monitor your Reputation Online

There are so many websites these days where people can leave reviews. This includes Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business, among others. Be sure to check these directory listings and ensure the information listed is accurate. If or when a negative review or press is posted on a directory site or news publication, you can catch it quickly and take action.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can happen. When they do, make sure to respond to the review kindly and in a timely manner. Responding to negative reviews shows you care and want to improve as a practice. Leaving negative reviews un-responded looks unprofessional, and will hurt your reputation even more than the negative review itself.

Get Positive Reviews Online

Encourage your customers to leave a positive review if they had a great experience. Getting 5-star reviews can not only help boost your reputation and even has SEO implications, with Google seeing you as a more trusted company.

Create and Promote Content

Information that people find helpful or valuable can help you further engage with your customers. Investing in content marketing is a significant opportunity to create a more favorable reputation online.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media can be an important part of your online reputation as a dentist. It’s a great way to reach your customers and promote yourself in a positive manner. Consider running ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to better reach your customers in the local community.

Give Back to the Community

A great way to boost your online reputation as a dentist is to give back to the community! Consider a fundraiser for a charity, have employees volunteer their time, or donate your services to those in need. People will support you when you promote it online, whatever campaign you decide.

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Ready to Boost Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation?

You could never have too good of a reputation. With the number of searches being done online, having a positive online reputation as a dentist could be one of the most significant assets for dental practices to grow and acquire new customers in the community they serve.

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