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Online Reputation for Dentists

Your online reputation is essential for the success of your dental practice. These days, people will read reviews and information online before selecting a new dentist. As a result, dental practices should adjust to this and be in control of their online image and perception in the eyes of their patients.

Whether you are starting a new dental practice or have owned a dental practice for years, your online image can improve continuously. Here’s how dentists can take advantage of their excellent reputation and avoid the pitfalls of a bad reputation.

What is Online Reputation Management for Dentists?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of controlling or influencing your perception of a business or person. Online reputation management can help improve your online image and presence with customers and prospective customers for dental practices.

Online reputation can include proactive strategies like monitoring brand mentions and getting clients to leave reviews and testimonials, as well as reactive strategies like responding to bad reviews or handling a crisis.

Your reputation is important, and the amount of time actually needed to improve the reputation of a brand is worth it.

Tips For Dentists to Improve Online Reputation

Here are seven tips on how dental practices can strive to improve their online reputation.

Monitor your Reputation Online 

There are so many websites these days where people can leave reviews. This includes Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business, among others. Be sure to check these directory listings and ensure the information listed is accurate. If or when a negative review or press is posted on a directory site or news publication, you can catch it quickly and take action.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can happen. When they do, make sure to respond to the review kindly and in a timely manner. Responding to negative reviews shows you care and want to improve as a practice. Leaving negative reviews unresponded looks unprofessional, and will hurt your reputation even more than the negative review itself.

Get Positive Reviews Online

Encourage your customers to leave a positive review if they had a great experience. Getting 5-star reviews can not only help boost your reputation and even has SEO implications, with Google seeing you as a more trusted company. 

Create and Promote Content

Information that people find helpful or valuable can help you further engage with your customers. Investing in content marketing is a significant opportunity to create a more favorable reputation online.

Be Active on Social Media 

Social media can be an important part of your online reputation. It’s a great way to reach your customers and promote yourself in a positive manner. Consider running ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to better reach your customers in the local community.

Give Back to the Community

A great way to boost your reputation is to give back to the community! Consider a fundraiser for a charity, have employees volunteer their time, or donate your services to those in need. People will support you when you promote it online, whatever campaign you decide.

Ready to Boost Your Reputation?

You could never have too good of a reputation. With the number of searches being done online, having a positive reputation could be one of the most significant assets for dental practices to grow and acquire new customers in the community they serve.

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Best Ways to Get New Dental Patients

It’s not always easy to get new patients to your dental practice. Dentists need new clients just as much as any other business. Whether you’re thinking about opening a new dental practice or looking to make more of an effort to grow the number of patients for your existing clinic, it’s essential to know what strategies are out there to help get you some new patients.

Here are the best ways to get new dental patients to your dental practice:


Posting personal reviews about how great your dental practice makes it seem like you’re proud of your work, and the site visitors should see that as a sign that the office must be excellent.


It works particularly well if you have an excellent support staff who can offer valuable opinions on particular products or services that they’ve used, like a dental chair or toothpaste.

Be as Flexible with Payment as Possible

Offer patients payment plans if they’re paying out of pocket, so they don’t stress about how to pay their bills and accept credit cards as a way of payment.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Patient email/text reminders

Many different sites offer incentives for the visitors to email or text the dentist giving out information about their needs for the time being. You can also offer free trials and discounts up to a certain point.

Patient referral program

You set up a plan to give customers free treatment to anyone who refers someone with new insurance to your practice. You can ask for referrals in many ways, such as offering a special discount if the referred person stays on their insurance for 90 days after their first visit to get their brackets removed.

24/7 Online Appointment Scheduling

Some offices will offer online appointment scheduling, which lets the clients set up their appointments. You can even automatically send them a reminder before the meeting.

Offer Teledentistry

Offer Teledentistry if you’re internet-savvy as an option for your patients, including access to live webcam consultations or even sending a text with a link to download content that they can refer to while they’re at work.

Sponsor local events in your community

To reach out more to your community, you can set up a program where you give financial incentives to people that go and volunteer. You can donate raffle tickets with different prizes like gift cards to win a free treatment.

Closing Out

You don’t have to do everything on the list, but you should use the ones that work best. Don’t be afraid to find out new best ways to get new dental patients and experiment with what works best for your practice.

Buying a Dental Practice: Complete Checklist

Purchasing your dental practice can be challenging and exciting, especially if you buy it for the first time. For the acquisition to be complete and successful, you need to put many things and parts together. You need to know a lot about the dental practice before you decide to buy it. 

Many things are involved in the buying process, and you need to be familiar with them. If you are planning on buying a practice, we have a checklist to follow that guides you in the process. Learn how to buy a dental practice with the checklist below.

What is Due Diligence?

When buying a dental practice, due diligence is the process of evaluating and investigating financial, legal, and operational aspects of the practice.

Performing due diligence is a critical part of buying a dental practice. It confirms whether your expectations align with the asking price of the dental practice. Without due diligence, you increase your risk during the buying process. Unlike other business entities with inventory and tangible assets, a dental practice is unique. When considering buying a dental practice, here’s what you should evaluate:

  • Income – this is based on the practice’s cash flow. Practices are priced based on their net cash income.
  • Assets – this includes new equipment and technology owned.
  • Staff – don’t forget to factor in the current staff, including office managers, dental hygienists, and billing.
  • Name and contact info – this not only includes business info, but also your website, social media, and other marketing assets.

Your Checklist for Buying a Dental Practice

Here’s what your checklist should include when buying a dental practice:

Hire a dental consultant

One of the best professional and financial decisions you can make is buying a practice; you need someone to evaluate everything before you make the purchase. You might not know how to buy a dental practice and what to check, especially if it’s your first time doing this. Hire a well-versed dental consultant in dental law, accounting, and business transitions. These professionals will assess everything about that dental practice, and if they find anything wrong, they will inform you. The consultants will see you through and keep you and your seller on track and ensure that you follow all legal and financial regulations.

Determine your budget or your capital

It is essential to include this on your checklist for buying a dental practice. You need to know whether you have enough capital or you will need to take a loan for you to purchase the practice. If you don’t have enough capital, you need to know which bank will lend you that money. Since you already have a consultant to handle accounting, you will ensure that he gets you in touch with various banks where you can get a loan for your dental practice. You need to start the application immediately.

Visit the Practice

Physically visiting the practice can help you get a first-hand look at the business. Here’s what to take note of

  • The building and office – make sure you take a look at the conditions, the layout, and whether any construction needs to be made.
  • Current staff – is the staff appropriate staffed as it is?
  • Patients – how happy do patients seem with the service? You can notice this through customer interactions.

Investigate the financial state of the dental practice

Do not leave this consideration out of your checklist for buying a dental practice. You ensure that you get to know about the financial state of the practice before purchasing it. Through the help of a consultant, you will be able to know about the cash flow of the practice and obtain all their financial details. Some of the financial details you should include:

  • Their current balance sheet.
  • Previous month’s cash flow (profit and loss).
  • Employees’ salaries.
  • Retirement and payroll taxes.
  • Three-year income return tax.

In addition to financials, it’s essential to get data on customers. Request data on the number of patients over the past 24 months to see a trend in business.


Seeking professional advice is critical. When an offer is made, investigate whether it is a good investment to buy the practice. Review the financial details listed above to see whether they match the asking price.

The dental practice purchase agreement review by the lawyer

The purchase agreement can be confusing as it contains all the terms of the purchase and that you have agreed with each one of them. The seller’s attorney can represent you with it, or the seller can give it to you. Once you get the contract, take time and go through every detail. It is better when you do it with your lawyer such that if you don’t understand anything, he will explain it to you.

In Closing: Buying a Dental Practice

After doing your due diligence and checking off the things mentioned above, and you decide on a price with the seller, you can sign the agreement and close the purchase of the dental practice.