It’s not always easy to get new patients to your dental practice. Dentists need new clients just as much as any other business. Whether you’re thinking about opening a new dental practice or looking to make more of an effort to grow the number of patients for your existing clinic, it’s essential to know what strategies are out there to help get you some new patients.

Here are the best ways to get new dental patients to your dental practice:

Get Positive Reviews

Posting personal reviews about how great your dental practice makes it seem like you’re proud of your work, and the site visitors should see that as a sign that the office must be excellent.

Post Testimonials Online

Posting testimonials works particularly well if you have an excellent support staff who can offer valuable opinions on particular products or services that they’ve used, like a dental chair or toothpaste.

Be as Flexible with Payment as Possible

Offer new patients payment plans if they’re paying out of pocket, so they don’t stress about how to pay their bills and accept credit cards as a way of payment.

Send Patient Email/Text Reminders

Many different sites offer incentives for the visitors to email or text the dentist giving out information about their needs for the time being. You can also offer free trials and discounts up to a certain point.

Launch a Patient Referral Program

You set up a plan to give customers free treatment to anyone who refers someone with new insurance to your practice. You can ask for referrals in many ways, such as offering a special discount if the referred person stays on their insurance for 90 days after their first visit to get their brackets removed.

Provide 24/7 Online Appointment Scheduling

Some offices will offer online appointment scheduling, which lets the clients set up their appointments. This is a great idea to attract new dental patients. You can even automatically send them a reminder before the meeting.

Offer Tele-dentistry

Offer Tele-dentistry if you’re internet-savvy as an option for your patients, including access to live webcam consultations or even sending a text with a link to download content that they can refer to while they’re at work.

Sponsor Local Community Events

To reach out more to your community, you can set up a program where you give financial incentives to people that go and volunteer. You can donate raffle tickets with different prizes like gift cards to win a free treatment.

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Closing Out: Try These Strategies to Get New Patients

You don’t have to do every strategy on the list, but you should use the ones that work best for your practice. Don’t be afraid to find out new best ways to get new dental patients and experiment with what works best for your practice.