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Braving the Seasons of Your Business

Ayla Narayan, Executive Coach Every year we watch as the seasons come and go. In the northeast, spring brings with it an energy of renewal, washing away the dank cold of winter. We can notice subtle changes with the tiny buds sprinkled across tree limbs on the first warm sunny days. Our first day of […]

Empowering Leadership: Four Steps to Elevate Your Dental Practice

George Baker, Dental Executive Coach What does leadership mean to you? Is it about simply getting tasks done, ensuring others do their part, or fostering a collaborative effort where everyone achieves together? At Fortune, we champion a leadership philosophy that emphasizes cultivating leaders who, in turn, empower their teams. Because when you grow leaders, you […]

Treatment Acceptance: Three Language Strategies to Overcome Objections

By Frank Clark Executive Coach, Fortune Management In dentistry, treatment acceptance can often be met with hesitation or objections from patients. Understanding and effectively responding to these objections is crucial for dental professionals. Here are three powerful language strategies to navigate and overcome common objections in dental treatment acceptance. Reframing: One of the most frequent […]