Fortune Management of Boston

Successful Dental Practice

Take Charge of your Practice -- Build a Team that Works

As a participant of Fortune Management’s Program, you and your dental team will learn the essential skills to communicate more effectively, seek greater profitability, improve ROI on marketing efforts and in turn, make your practice vision a reality. Combining the expertise of Anthony Robbins – the world’s foremost peak performance coach – with the business expertise of Fortune Management, our clients learn how to:

 Stay Ahead of the Competition
 Attract New Clients
 Build a Powerful, Unforgettable Practice Brand
 Increase Patient Retention – and Referrals
 Craft Low Cost, Effective Marketing Promotions

Coaching Makes a Difference

Fortune is the only practice management group that takes an integrated approach in business and life planning. The Fortune Management Program will give you new control over your practice enabling you to:

 Run your Practice as an Efficient, Successful Business
 Experience a Highly Motivated Team supporting the Growth of your Practice
 Enjoy Increased Profits with Less Work and Less Stress
 Create a More Satisfying Life

Our Expert Dental Coaches provide timely, useful information with objectivity, accuracy and insights. The result is a great work environment that includes fun, friendship, and team members who are committed to C-A-N-I ® – Constant and Never-ending Improvement – for themselves, their co-workers, and their patients. It is in this spirit that we offer these customized programs to meet the unique and special needs of each practice.